9-Year-Old Drives Dad To Hospital

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September 3, 2013 After John Smith picked his nine-year-old daughter Esteria up from karate class last week and was driving her home in Panama City, Florida, he suddenly started to act very strangely.

John wasn't able to drive in a straight line any more and he started mumbling. "He was driving crazy!" Esteria recalled. He knew something was wrong so he told Esteria they were going to drive to the hospital.

Then things got worse.

"He told me he couldn't see, and started panicking, saying, 'I don't know what to eat, I don't know what to eat," Esteria said. "Then he gave me his phone but didn't tell me what to do! I didn't know if I needed to call the ambulance or what I needed to do!"

Esteria didn't know what was going on, but what she did next may have not only saved her and her father's lives, but the lives of other drivers as well. 

She reached from the back seat, grabbed the steering wheel with one hand, and steered the car to the hospital eight blocks away. By the time they got to the hospital her father had lost his vision, motor skills, and memory.

"He was fighting me, and I couldn't make the turns that I needed to do. I hit a curve and we almost ran into the front of an ambulance!" Esteria explained.

Doctors soon found out that John has a golf ball-sized tumour on the left size of his brain, which caused him to lose his vision. He is now getting treatment for his tumour.

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