Apple Hires CEO Of Designer Label


July 4, 2013 – Apple has hired Paul Deneve, the former CEO of fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, as their new vice president who will work on "special projects."

Deneve left his position at Yves Saint Laurent on July 2 to begin his new job at Apple. Apple has not told the public what Deneve will be doing, but many think that he was hired to help perfect the look of wearable technology devices like the iWatch.

While it might seem like a big jump to go from the high fashion world into the high-tech world, the change isn't so random for Deneve, who actually worked in sales and marketing at Apple Europe from 1990 to 1997. Since 1997 he has managed several other luxury fashion labels like Nina Ricci, Lanvin, and Courreges. He also has a Master's degree in Management from Stanford University.

What do you think Deneve will be working on at Apple?

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