Boston Celebrates Girl Power Day


August 26, 2013 – Tom Menino, the mayor of the city of Boston, officially declared August 23 "Girl Power Day," and even signed the proclamation with a 'girl power' pen!

Mayor Menino decided to create Girl Power Day to acknowledge the "unique challenges" that girls and women face in the city of Boston, and to use the holiday as a change to "engage girls in positive programming" and mentoring opportunities.

"Our girls are smart, strong, and have the power to do anything they set their minds to. But they shouldn't have to do it alone," he said in a statement. "That's why I am grateful to have so many partners working on this effort with us. It's so important to have specific programs just for girls that help them become confident, strong, young women."

To celebrate Girl Power Day Mayor Menino went to two events on Friday that were organized by local groups that help girls reach their full potential. 

One event was the "Girls MAKE the City" Festival, which connected girls from all over Boston with professionals working in the fields of science and technology. Later in the evening he attended an "edu-tainment" (educational yet entertaining) event by the Circle of Promise GIRLS Campaign.

Friday's holiday warmed up Boston for the 93rd anniversary of Women's Equality Day, which is today! Today's holiday celebrates the signing of the 19th Amendment in the United States that allowed women the right to vote. 

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    1. 4th grade Simon Bolivar students

      We like that the women can have the same opportunities as men. It is fair. Good idea to conmemorate Women´s Equality Day.


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