Boston Runner Returns Medal To City


June 26, 2013 – Lelisa Desisa, the men's winner of the 2013 Boston Marathon returned his medal to the mayor of Boston on Sunday to honour the city and those killed in the marathon bombings on April 15.

Desisa, an Ethiopian runner, was one of 6,4000 runners who gathered in Boston to run Sunday's 10K race that was organized by the same nonprofit association that organized April's annual marathon.

So many people wanted to participate in Sunday's race and prove that April's bombings hadn't scared them out of their sneakers that it sold out in 13 hours!

"Sport holds the power to unify and connect people all over the world," Desisa said through a translator. "Sport should never be used as a bagttleground."

Mayor Thomas Menino was honoured by Desisa's kind gesture and spoke to the crowd about how he has seen the city of Boston really come together since the attacks. "Thank you for making Boston stronger," he said.

There was also a moment of silence at the event to remember the three victims killed in the bombings and the police officer killed in the line of duty during the manhunt for the bombing suspects.

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