Fourth Grade Discovery!


June 8, 2011- Armed with plastic magnifying glasses, a fourth-grade class from New York received a box containing dirt and the remains of an extinct animal called a mastodon. The dirt was sent to them from a backyard site in Hyde Park, NY where the animal's remains were discovered. The school children became part of the Mastodon Matrix Project, which has had 3,500 participants from around the U.S. since 2008. The scientists on this project gain information from all the discoveries the children make, while the kids get hands on experience and the chance to contribute to real research projects. The fourth-graders were provided with a set of instructions with their box that helped them on their way to making some exciting discoveries! The students all agreed that their most memorable find was an 8-inch long black hair! The hair did not look like human or dog hair, so they concluded it must have been from the mastodon!  

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      The mastadon bones were found by scientists in New York and then were sent to the students. A mastodon is about the size of an elephant!


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