JK Rowling’s Hogwarts Treehouses


September 11, 2012 – JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, is building a series of unique tree houses in her backyard that look like they are straight out of Hogwarts!

The British tree house construction company Blue Forest is building two 2-storey tree houses for her three children to play in. Her children are ages 7, 9, and 18, and even though her 18-year-old daughter is technically an adult we're sure that that won't stop her from spending hours playing in them!
The two structures will come complete with spiral staircases, secret trapdoors, lanterns, rope ladders, and balconies. They will be connected by rope bridges to get from one tree house to another; they will cost $387,000 to build.
The Rowling family was given approval to go ahead and start construction on the tree houses from the Edinburgh City Council, but some neighbours are were not so fond of the idea of her building the houses.

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