London’s Gravity-Defying Art Installation


June 28, 2013 – Anyone can be Spider-Man when they visit the Dalston House in Dalston, north-east London!

On Monday Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich opened his disorienting art installation that lets visitors feel like they're defying gravity. Specially angled mirrors overtop of a flat facade of a 19th century British townhouse make the visitors, who are actually lying or sitting on the house, look like they're effortlessly climbing or hanging off the house!

Erlich designed the house –which has all the normal details of a real house like a door, windows, windowsills, and mouldings– to look like the houses that covered Dalston before they were bombed in World War II.

"It's clever but so simple once you understand you see that it makes total sense," said the installation's curator Alona Pardo. "[Erlich] doesn't hide the manner in which it's built, he wants to reveal ways of looking at the world and defining our own realities."

The 45 degree angled mirrors are actually made of a think reflective material; using actual mirrors would have been much too expensive and would have needed a much larger and stronger support system behind it.

If you live in or near London and want to go feel like Spider-Man, check out the free installation on Ashwin Street in Dalston any time between now and August 4!

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