Message In A Bottle Washes Ashore

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August 23, 2013 – While cleaning up the Jersey Shore after the mess that Hurricane Sandy made a man named Norman Stanton found something that was tossed into the ocean 50 years ago in almost the same exact spot.

When Stanton was helping his sister clean up her home in Seaside Heights, New Jersey after the storm he found the jar. The note inside it read "To whom it may concern, Please fill out the following questions and mail. This is a scientific experiment by Dennis Komsa, age 12."

The questions asked where and when the jar was found, how it was found, and anything else interesting about it. Komsa wanted the finder to fill out the questions and mail it back to him using the nickel to pay for a stamp.

Stanton thinks the jar may have been stuck under the boardwalk all these years, not traveling anywhere as far as 12-year-old Komsa hoped it would. But Stanton and his sister Sharon Roher are glad they found it.

"The jar was very emotionally uplifting to me. I was very sore and tired from working all the time," Roher said.

Last weekend Stanton, Roher, and Komsa met at a lunch celebrating the 100th birthday of Seaside Heights and gave him his jar back.

Komsa, who is now 61 and living in Hillsborough, New Jersey, sees the jar as a symbol of hope for Seaside Heights, which was very damaged in the storm. "If I can throw this bottle and believe it will come back, or I'd get it back, then Seaside can come back and will be as good or better," he said.

"Things happen for a reason. I guess it's good it came to shore. It shows anything is possible."

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