One Funny Wedding At The 2013 Clownfest

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August 27, 2013 – Weddings aren't usually supposed to be funny events, but the wedding of Billy Tedeski and Patty Kulwicki was anything but usual.

Clowning partners Kulwicki and Tedeski share a love of laughter and each other. They decided to combine their two lives and got married on Friday at the 2013 Clownfest in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Tedeski has been clowning for 41 years, so it only felt natural for him to want to have a clown wedding with his clowning partner. "When he asked me [to do a clown wedding], I couldn't think of anything that would make him happier," Kulwicki said.

Tedeski has has two different wives in the past, but he says that Kulwicki is his first partner. "We mesh so wonderfully," he said.

The bride and groom wore a traditional wedding dress and tuxedo, but they spiced up their outfits with some personal touches. Tedeski wore black lipstick and eyeliner, and a clown nose. Kulwicki wore a bright red wig, a lace headband, had a red dot drawn on her nose, and wore a $15 wedding dress from a thrift shop that had some extra special history to it.

The clown couple performed a prize winning skit at the 2011 Clownfest where Kulwicki, the bride, reeled in a runaway Tedeski, the groom, using a fishing pole. Tedeski later joked that they should get married in the same way; little did they know that they actually would two years later and that Kulwicki would wear the exact same dress she wore in the skit!

The wedding officiant was a longtime friend of the bride and groom's, JoAnn Ihnat. "It was a lot of joy to do this for a couple so in love," she said. "This couple has all it takes to make it work."

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