Pay To Get Fit By Paying It Forward


June 19, 2013 – A Portland, Oregon gym named Beast Fit Nation may have an intimidating name but it was created out of a desire to help others.

Beast Fit Nation doesn't cost members a hefty monthly membership fee – all a member has to do to workout there is promise that they will do three random acts of kindness that day after they leave.

Since it opened in March 2012 Beast Fit Nation has had more than 2,500 people come and take advantage of their offer. If every one of them did three random acts of kindness after they left, that accounts for 7,500 random acts of kindness done in the last 15 months!

Brandon Stevens, a student at Portland State University who goes to the gym, said he does as many acts of kindness throughout the day as possible now.

What random act of kindness would you do to "pay" for your gym membership?

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