Supportive 4th Graders Shave Heads


June 21, 2013 – Travis Selinka was more scared to go back to school after weeks of radiation therapy than he is about having a brain tumour.

Ten-year-old Travis had to take off seven weeks of school to undergo radiation therapy to try and kill his brain tumour. A side effect of radiation therapy is that patients often lose their hair, which can be a very scary thing for children and adults.

Travis was worried about returning to El Camino Creek Elementary School with a bald head, thinking that the kids in his class might make fun of him. Instead, after seeing how nervous he was to be back, 15 of the boys in his class took a trip to the All American Barber Shop and had their heads shaved to make Travis feel more comfortable!

The 10 and 11-year-old boys didn't have to think twice about supporting their friend and all said goodbye to their locks without any hesitation. Travis' mother Lynne said she gets teary eyed every time she thinks about what the boys did for her son.

Travis no longer wears a hat to school to cover his head. "I want to thank them all very much for doing that. It has made it a lot easier for me," Travis said. 

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